Pre-qualification Program

 CBM Mortgage congratulates you in taking the first step when looking for a home by getting pre-qualified for a home loan.

don't put the cart before the horse

At CBM Mortgage one of our Home Loan Advisors can assist you to figure out how much your loan amount could be, and therefore what price range of homes to look at. This is known as prequalification —and it is wise to do it before you start house shopping. The prequalification gives you some idea of what size mortgage you will be eligible for, based on the information you give the lender about income, assets, special qualifications for some of our specialized loan programs, and past debts. The lender will want to confirm that information after you have applied for the loan and will verify your job and credit history before granting loan approval.

When your home loan advisor collects your information, they will also take the time to explore and explain every option for home loans available to you and answer all the questions you may have to establish the exact right loan for you. This will help you determine what you are wanting to pay monthly on a mortgage and be able to determine your goal for monthly payments. Once the information is established you will be able to provide this information in letter form with an offer on a real estate purchase and gives the seller peace of mind knowing your financials are in order and ready to go. Giving you a head start on the competition.

We are happy to serve first-time homebuyers—or anyone looking at a home mortgage. It is our goal to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision about your real estate financing solution and get you one step closer to your dream home!

We can work with you to get you started online, over the phone, or face-to-face.

We welcome you to apply for a mortgage with us for your home purchase.